Vince Garin, Managing Editor, is an MLIS candidate at the University of Denver. He came to library school via academia. After teaching at the University of Colorado Boulder for two years and earning his MA in English, he decided that academic librarianship would be an ideal place for him. Vince is interested in digital humanities, intellectual freedom, and information literacy.  In his career, Vince hopes to be an English Literature subject specialist librarian, and to challenge fields of study with staunch ideological prejudices, like Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Studies. Currently he works as a reference and tech services assistant at a community college library, and loves it. In his free time, Vince enjoys video games, mostly RPGs. He lives in Denver with his wife, their dog, and their cat. Follow him on twitter @vincegarin.

Jodi Coalter, Consulting Editor, is currently working toward a joint MLIS/MSIM degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies informs her work exploring data literacy and STEAM initiatives in academic communities. Living in Michigan with her partner and their dog, the trio often take vacations centered on citizen science initiatives and birding or botanical projects. Her previous work has appeared on The Earth Story blog, and in the Special Libraries Association Information Technology Division Blog.

Kait McClary, Community Manager, is an MLIS candidate at Western University, in Ontario, Canada. A quintessential tea-drinking, book-reading, cardigan-wearing librarian, Kait’s the sort of person who bores everyone at Christmas dinner by rambling about increasing access to information with fine-free borrowing, complete with side-tangents on intellectual freedom and information literacy. Prior to her MLIS studies, she spent several years working in public libraries, providing customer service and developing children’s programs; currently, she is employed as a student library assistant with her faculty’s special library. When she’s not working or studying, Kait can be found reading, writing, drawing, netflixing, traveling, or dreaming about traveling. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn!

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  1. In the section, Hack Your Library School, there is false information about Clarion University going in and out of accredited status over the years which is totally untrue. We have been continually accredited since 1974 and have never been under a conditional. We were reaccredited for the full 7 years in June, 2018. Is there any way that can be removed? You can check with Karen O’Brien and Kerri Price in the Office of Accreditation at American Library Association who are the ones who alerted me to this harmful post.


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