Emily Wros, Managing Editor, is pursuing her MS/LIS at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Her undergraduate degree is in History, and her career goal is to become a reference librarian in a public library. Emily’s other, secret goal is to be recruited into a society of radical underground librarians who hold clandestine meetings at the British Museum. Emily spent several years organizing the backroom stock of a retail store, until one day she realized she could do that with books instead. When not studying or defending the Dewey Decimal System, you can find Emily reading about the late nineteenth century and conducting amateur reviews of all the bakeries in town.

Alyssa Key, Associate Editor, is a first year MLIS student at San Jose State University. After completing her undergraduate degree in Sociology at California State University, Northridge last May after seven years of continuous work, she took some time to figure out her next steps; which ultimately led her to SJSU. Having taken an interdisciplinary approach to her undergraduate studies, she loves how the MLIS curriculum draws from various subjects simultaneously and allows her to apply her wide-ranging academic interests to a fulfilling career path, like archives and records. Also, being the avid reader she is, books have always been a constant in her life. So, she is excited to pursue that love professionally. Outside of school and reading, she enjoys writing, photography, listening to and expanding her music library, watching television, spending time with her family, friends, and pets, traveling, and completing creative projects. HLS is her first contributing writer position.

Lisa Donovan, Community Manager, is a MLIS student at the University of Denver. She currently works as a Graduate Assistant at Auraria Library in Education and Outreach, while also maintaining internships in preservation at Norlin Library, and information curation with UC Denver’s Urban Planning and Architecture program. Her research interests include information literacy, libraries as community spaces, and archives and preservation. Her career goals include any position where she can advocate for disenfranchised peoples, and challenge areas of librarianship that have been historically off limits. In her free time she is knees in the dirt, transforming her former parking lot into a garden.

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  1. In the section, Hack Your Library School, there is false information about Clarion University going in and out of accredited status over the years which is totally untrue. We have been continually accredited since 1974 and have never been under a conditional. We were reaccredited for the full 7 years in June, 2018. Is there any way that can be removed? You can check with Karen O’Brien and Kerri Price in the Office of Accreditation at American Library Association who are the ones who alerted me to this harmful post.


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