Library School Career Center: University of North Texas

Another installment of our ongoing series where we feature LIS schools and the services provided by their career services departments. A partnership with Hiring Librarians, another great resource for future library and information science professionals. This interview is with Anna Motes, a Career Coach that supports the students at the […]

Call for Art: Hacking the Library

Hacking the Library: Call for Creative WorkAn Exhibit by Wrest Virginia University Art in the Libraries ProgramExhibition Dates: Online and Print: August 2023 – June 2024 About: The hacker ethos in the positive sense is about the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct information systems. We invite you to highlight the […]

To my fellow LIS Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [Series]: Mentorship

Mentorship – in any form – can be an effective way for LIS students of color to learn more about the field. We learn a lot outside the classroom through jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences, and mentorship is another aspect that can help increase a student’s knowledge. Yet besides learning about the academic hiring process, dealing with negative workplace environments, or where to find job postings, mentorship of LIS students of color by mentors of color can help us see ourselves in the field, learn how to navigate white spaces, and how to advocate for ourselves.

To my fellow LIS Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [Series]: Imposter Syndrome, Mental Health, and Surviving Another Day

Nearly everyone in grad school has dealt or is currently dealing with imposter syndrome. Those who claim to have never suffered from it are either lying or actually are the imposters. Alyssa wrote about imposter syndrome in September so, for this post, I’d like to focus on imposter syndrome as a person of color and especially for those of us who also have mental illnesses.