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Amy Frazier

Amy is a second-year student at Emporia State University SLIM-Oregon in Portland. She spent a previous life in film and video production and media education, which eventually segued into librarianship. These days she works as a digital collections assistant in historical collections and archives at the Oregon Health and Science University medical library, interns at the Portland Art Museum, and serves as student liaison for the Oregon chapter of the Special Libraries Association. She's into digital collections and initiatives, copyright issues and activism, black humor, and playing her ukulele really, really badly.

Librarian By Name, Geek By Nature

My cohort, we talk. After our weekend intensive classes, we often go out roaming in search of a likely bar, and when we find one, we sit, we drink, and we talk. And since we’ve generally just spent 12 hours in class together, we usually end up talking about library […]

On the educational potential of the Rickroll

In this, my second term of library school, one of my required foundational courses is “The Organization of Information.” This class is our theoretical precursor to more specific practical courses down the line – cataloging, metadata, and so on. We talk about Dewey and Brown and Bliss and Ranganathan, and […]