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Rare Books Curator at Kennesaw State University. Phd, avid cook, food historian, social science researcher, public transit enthusiast, artist, theory lover, historian, traveler and outdoor nut. Also super in to cats. Love to build and create, and deconstruct when necessary.

Why We Decided on the PhD

I have a lot of MLS students ask me why I decided to go on to a PhD, so I rounded up some of my PhD buddies to give you some answers! Everyone has different reasons for doing the PhD, and while it may not be the right choice for […]

HLS and LibraryLab Meetup at ALA!

Are you going to ALA later this month? We’re teaming up with LibraryLab to host a meetup on Sunday, June 30th from 8:00-10:00 at the Green Door.  The meetup is a fun and informal way to hang out with us, network, and make some new friends while having a cocktail! […]