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Heidi (Kittleson) Schutt

Current Library Director of Muir Library in Winnebago, MN. 2011 MLIS graduate from the University of Washington Information School in Seattle, Washington.

I aspire to deliver, enlighten and advance excellent modern service and opportunities – through innovative ideas and programs – for the library’s ever-changing community of users by

* Embracing current technologies (ebooks, social media, mobile apps, etc.)
* Exploring the community’s needs through conversation and collaboration with organizations outside of the library (schools, businesses, churches, food shelves, day cares, senior citizen centers, etc.)
* Promoting the library’s mission with each service the library provides (programming for youth and adults, its collections, physical and virtual interactions, etc.) and
* Building better service and opportunities for the community through professional development in the field of library and information science.

To-Read Tuesday [Banned Books edition]

In honor of Banned and Challenged Books Week (Sept 24-Oct 1), we’d like to share some of our new and old banned favorites with you! Join in the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and spread the word during this fantastic week to celebrate the […]

To-Read Tuesday

While our lovely Annie recovers from the summer flu, let’s share some of our favorite summer reads… anything! What are you reading? What do you want to be reading? What book can you not leave home without on your summer vacation? What do you read to cheer you up when […]

To-Read Tuesday

Here’s what we’re reading this week: Heidi – I tried reading Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother this week, but I didn’t finish it; it was too techno-jargon-filled for my already-full brain. I’m going to try it another time. This weekend I read Maureen Johnson’s The Bermudez Triangle. Now I’m reading Twain’s […]

The Name Game

{I originally posted this thought on my blog, but I began conversation with several readers through email and Twitter after it was posted. I hope that you’ll continue to share your thoughts by commenting, too.} When I began my MLIS education, I took a class about Information Behavior. The behavior […]