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Hack ALA: Accreditation Standards!

Hello! Topher here, happy to introduce guest poster Elizabeth Lieutenant! If you’re like us, you followed all the advice out there and enrolled in an ALA-accredited institution. But what does that really mean? This is your chance to find out! We were fortunate enough to attend a session at ALA Midwinter about the changing world … Continue reading

Hack ALA

ALA Midwinter Meetup!

Hello hackers! Coming to ALA? Join a few of the HLS writers for lunch on Sunday! Here are the details: What: The HLS Midwinter Meetup! When: Sunday, 26 January 2014, at 11:30am (until about 1pm). Where: Meet at the Networking Uncommons–we have ideas for lunch venues, and will head out around 11:40am. Looking forward to … Continue reading

Advocacy & Activism

The Declaration for the Right to Libraries–Something to be thankful for!

It’s nearly Thanksgiving in the US, and as we reflect on the things in life for which we’re most thankful, libraries are certainly high on the list. Here on Hack Library School, we’ve had plenty of posts dealing with reasons to get involved with professional organizations and conferences, from opportunities for training to networking and … Continue reading