Hack Library School is a collaborative project begun in the Fall of 2010. It quickly grew from a Google Doc to a wiki to the rotating group of contributors that it is today. HLS was founded on the principle of students taking the future of librarianship into their own hands.

“Hacking might be characterized as ‘an appropriate application of ingenuity’.” – The Meaning of ‘Hack’

Presentation on HackLibSchool given virtually by Micah Vandegrift to the New York Metropolitan Library Council on May 18th, 2011.

Salem Press Library Awards BlogThe Web is our campus.

Hack Library School is an invitation to participate in the redefinitions of library school using the web as a collaborative space outside of any specific university or organization. Imagine standards and foundations of the profession that we will create, decided upon by us, outside of the institutional framework. Ideas like the democratization of the semantic web, crowdsourcing, and folksonomies allow projects like this to exist and we should be taking advantage of it.

What will the information professions be next year if we define it for ourselves today? If we had a voice in the development of curriculum, what would that degree entail? This is our challenge to you; participate or come up with a better idea. How would you hack library school?

Click here for the  article that inspired the movement.

Contact us at hacklibschool@gmail.com.