Courses I wish were offered in library school

Here are some entirely-satirical classes I would have liked to see in my MLIS course catalogue. This list is based on my program, so your curriculum might have actually included a few of these. Jealous!

Fantastic Cardigans and Where to Find Them

Dunking on Dewey

Printer Mechanical Engineering 101

Soapboxing About Libraries at Dinner Parties

Mentally Singing Your ABC’s

Reluctant-But-Viral Librarian TikToking

Finding Gainful Full-time Employment With A Masters Degree and Zero Experience 

Special Topics: Too-Sexy-for-GoodReads Romance 

Archival Field Work with Brendan Fraser

Canva Graphic Design Fundamentals

Ballistic Boolean Operators

Roblox For Millennials & Gen-X

Herding Cats: Marketing for Improving Teen Program Attendance

Guest Lecture: Meeting Room Enforcement for the Shy

Shushing: A Retrospective 

3D Printing Airborne Microplastics

Bacon Bookmarks: A Survey On Weird Stuff Found in Books

Sustainable Management of James Patterson Shelf Space

Lyndsay Wasko is an online MLIS student at the University of Alberta with an undergraduate degree in Communication Design from the Alberta University of the Arts. Outside of school she works as a designer and illustrator at Daughter Creative, where her work has been internationally recognized in Applied Arts and Communication Arts publications. In 2020 she was selected as Calgary Public Library’s Children’s Illustrator in Residence which inspired her to pursue an MLIS degree. In her spare time Lyndsay enjoys long YouTube video essays, D&D, and generally aspires to the life of a Beatrix Potter animal: baking, sewing, gardening, and exploring nature. Learn more about Lyndsay at

FEATURE IMAGE: Lithograph by J.B. Sonde

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  1. I also never comment, but I did enjoy this. As someone in academia, I think something about committees needs to be added to the list – any ideas?


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