Reading Recs – November 2022

Once a month(-ish), we bring you an update from a few Hackers on things we’ve been reading, enjoying, and learning that month, whether that’s fiction, non-fiction, an interesting article, or a series of social media posts. We hope you’ll join along with us and share your most interesting reads in the comments!

Lauren Bauer
Metadata for Digital Collections by Steven J. Miller

For a book written in 2011, I found it surprisingly relevant and accessible. It was one of the assigned texts for a metadata class I’m just finishing up, but even without a professor following along with the text with you I feel it could still be useful to someone who was interested in the topic but unsure where to start. It provides a good grounding in Dublin Core and basic XML coding, and what I’m learning in class is that those are the basic building blocks for just about any metadata work. It would be a good accompaniment to a course in MARC and cataloging, as well.

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