Trans and Gender Diverse LIS Network

This is a guest post from Stephen Krueger.

The Trans and Gender Diverse LIS Network is a closed online community of trans and gender diverse people who work in libraries. The group was started in 2017 as a way for trans and gender diverse library workers to connect, as many of us are the only people of our identity in a workplace or otherwise feel isolated professionally.

Who this group is for: Library workers and LIS students who identify as trans or gender diverse (including but not limited to binary trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, genderfluid, and more).

Who this group is not for: Cis people. While cisgender allies are greatly appreciated in general, this group is a space for trans and gender diverse people to connect with each other. Please respect this and do not ask to join if you are not trans or gender diverse yourself.

How to join: Email for an invitation or more information about the group.

What else you can do: Regardless of your gender identity, you can and probably should self-educate about how to make your work and libraries in general more supportive of trans and gender diverse people. The Zotero collection Trans Inclusion in Libraries contains all sorts of resources on a range of topics. If you’re looking for someone to provide trainings or consultations for your library, consider hiring one of the people on the Trans Inclusion in LIS Presenter List.

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