Weekly Spotlight!

Each week, we reflect on the top articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits we’ve found interesting or useful. Check out what our writers have spotted this week in library news. Enjoy!


At this point I’m sure most people in the library world have heard of the fiasco surrounding ALA and its treatment of April Hathcock (read the details in her own words first).  I wanted to bring this article from Inside Higher Ed to everyone’s attention. It is a pretty thorough and faithful account. It is a shameful display and unfortunately, putting policies in place will only get our profession so far. We should all take time to reflect on how our daily praxis reflects the ethics of our profession.
Thanks to Sheila for bringing April’s blog post to my attention. 

Cover photo from Alan Wu on Flickr Commons. Changes were made in adapting this image.  Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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