5 Inspiring Interviews to Make You Excited to Become a Librarian

When you’re in the thick of the semester with a mound of reading and assignments ahead of you, you sometimes need a little inspiration. Amidst a polarized political climate, school stress, and other life responsibilities, sometimes you could use a reminder of why you wanted to be a librarian. Here are five inspiring librarian interviews that will leave you excited and energized to rock librarianship.

Alternate Librarian Career Paths with Kim Dority on Beyond the Stacks. A Library and Information Science (LIS) career specialist, Dority offers practical advice and gets you thinking creatively about the ways you can market your MLIS skills.

The Librarians are In with Gwen Glazer and Frank Collerius, New York Public Library on What Should I Read Next. Glazer and Collerius may have two of the coolest jobs out there, and you may find yourself wondering how you can land a similar dream gig.

Libraries and Homelessness, with Ryan Dowd on Circulating Ideas. Okay, I’m cheating a little because Dowd is not technically a librarian. However, as the Executive Director of a homeless shelter in Aurora, IL, Dowd offers trainings and tips for libraries for serving the needs of the homeless. The deep empathy and dignity Dowd offers individuals from all walks of life provides a model for how we can truly walk the walk in making libraries inclusive for all.

International Librarian Network with Kate Byrne, Alyson Dalby, and Clare McKenzie on Library Pros. Hear about how these three dynamic librarians and Australian Nationals created an international librarian network for mentoring and collaboration. I learned so much from their experience, including the unexpected connections and success stories, but also how they scaled the program and decided when the project had reached its end.

Bonus episode: I mentioned this episode before in my previous post about library-related podcasts”, but it bears repeating. Go listen to Laurie Allen talk about the Data Refuge project on Working. Then go check out her May interview on Circulating Ideas, and get psyched to create some change of your own.

What interviews inspire you in your work? I’d love to hear about them.

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