Self-Care: Job Search Season Edition

Yet another post regarding the job search process! They say looking for a full-time job is a full-time job itself. Knowing this beforehand helps, but you might not fully understand the breadth of it until you’re in the midst of the storm itself.

One thing that caught me by surprise is just how emotionally exhausting the process can be. You’re inclined to devote a lot of time and energy into each and every application. This is a time where you’re being confronted with a lot of factors and you have to make decisions. There are a lot of great tips on how to strategically apply to library jobs (like getting your materials ready before the season, creating the spreadsheet, etc.), and there are helpful articles on practicing self-care during library school, so how about a post that offers insight on how to practice self-care while navigating the job search process?

I will admit, my anecdotes are not particularly profound. In fact, they are probably what one would expect. But, I think when it comes to self-care, the more we are reminded of it, the more we are likely to be mindful of practicing it ourselves. I know from experience that it is such an easy thing to neglect, but I can also attest from experience, that it can make all the difference when put into motion.

  1. Have Fun: Just as you schedule important meetings, actively schedule daily breaks and time off from applying to jobs. Partake in an activity you enjoy (whether it may be Netflix by yourself or spending time with friends) and be sure to do it guilt-free.
  2. Relax: Be sure to take time to unwind by unplugging from your technological
    devices. Do a face mask, take a warm bath, go for a walk, play with your cat.
  3. Get your Rest: If you don’t already, strive to set a regular sleeping pattern that works for you. We all know being well-rested helps with our productivity.
  4. Work Out: Studies have shown cardiovascular activities help to reduce stress. So does yoga or meditation. Even if it is a few stretches and quick breathing exercises in between obligations, try it out.
  5. Talk About It: Make sure to express your feelings and experiences with trusted friends and coworkers. You are not alone in this!
  6. Remember: You are not defined by this process. You are not the number of applications you send out or the number of rejections you receive.
  7. Check In with Others: This is a stressful time, but it is not all about you. Don’t neglect your loved ones. Reach out and communicate effectively.
  8. Celebrate You: You’ve made it this far. Don’t forget to remember all the wonderful things you have accomplished or have going for you. Quit any destructive self-talk. It won’t help you.
  9. Think Positive: By doing so, you’ll be in a better state of mind and ready to handle those forthcoming interviews.
  10. Reflect: Be engaged with the process. Figure out what has been working and what you could possibly adjust to get your desired results.

As librarians, we care. A lot. We also have to remember to channel this to ourselves. Good luck!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Farruquitown.
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