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November is Native American Heritage Month, and I thought I’d highlight some of the articles I’ve been reading recently. This month, Bitch published a must-read interview with Debbie Reese, founder of the blog American Indians in Children’s Literature.

A few years back, Reading While White published a piece that discusses the ways in which we approach holiday displays in public libraries and what kind of message our holiday collections are sending depending on the books we choose to highlight. As someone who manages the juvenile holiday collections at two public libraries, these are topics that are constantly at the forefront of my mind.

The Open Book, the blog of Lee & Low Books, released a list called Native American Heritage Month: Our Favorite Children’s Books by Native Authors, and the Horn Book also compiled a list of resources.

What have you been reading about Native American Heritage Month? Feel free to share any relevant resources in the comments!

Cover photo from Alan Wu on Flickr Commons. Changes were made in adapting this image.  Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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