#dearHLS: Save the Date for our Next Twitter Chat

Save the date! Hack Library School will host our second Twitter chat on Wednesday, 10/25, at 9PM EST.

This year’s library students are a few weeks into the school year, and prospective students are applying to library schools and deciding where to attend. This Twitter chat will focus on student experiences and also issues within the library science profession.  If you are a current library student, know anyone who wants to apply to library school, or currently work in the profession, we encourage you to participate!

At 9PM EST,  we will post questions from our official @hacklibschool Twitter account using the hashtag #dearHLS. To participate, tweet out your answers to the questions, including the question number and the hashtag #dearHLS in your response so that others can see your thoughts. As the chat progresses, follow the #dearHLS hashtag to see what everyone is saying.

We will have 5 questions during the chat. We’ll focus on library school experiences, including the passions/reasons we entered library school, our fears and thoughts about entering the profession, and what we hope to see from our programs. We’ll also discuss whiteness in LIS, and what we can do to ensure everyone feels welcome in the profession and in library spaces.

We hope you’ll join us! To prepare, check out our first Twitter chat. We’ll post questions and resources for our upcoming chat soon. We also encourage you to check out previous posts on Twitter chats:

Twitter in Library School

Top Twitter Hashtags for Librarians

#critlib: Chatty Critical Librarianship on Twitter

Curating a Twitter Presence as a Library Student

We can’t wait to talk to you on the 25th!

Melissa DeWitt, Community Manager

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