Announcing the Hack Library School/ACRLog Collaboration

As the academic year ramps up, we at Hack Library School are teaming up with ACRLog (the blog of the Association of College and Research Libraries) to bring you a series of posts written by professional academic librarians. We’re very excited to have active members of the profession sharing their experiences and insights with library school students right here on our blog. Meanwhile, some of the Hack Library School writers will be authoring posts that will appear over on ACRLog. These posts will appear each Wednesday during the month of September.

If this sounds familiar, then it probably is. This project builds on the success of the first Hack Library School/ACRLog collaboration which took place at the beginning of 2016. While the mission of Hack Library School is to serve as an outlet, forum, and resource for library school students, we believe that the profession as a whole benefits when students and professional librarians (i.e., former students) share their experiences and ideas with one another.

In announcing the first collaboration, Dylan Burns wrote, “Our hope is that this collaboration will be the start of many conversations between LIS students, students looking to join the library field, and professionals, both new and seasoned.” This September, we’ll be continuing these conversations, and we encourage all of you to read the posts both here, and over at ACRLog.




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