Meet the New Leaders of Hack Library School!

Things are changing here at HLS! We’re excited to welcome a new Managing Editor, Consulting Editor and Community Manager this fall. Here’s what our Managing Editor has to say about the change. 

Kristina (Outgoing Managing Editor)

It seems like only yesterday Brenna Murphy and Dylan Burns passed along the torch to myself and Carissa Hansen as the leadership team for 2016-17. Over the past year, we’ve been so honored to help shape Hack Library School in ways that, hopefully, will be sustainable and beneficial to the blog and library students for the long haul. We gathered input from over 300 readers about the future direction of HLS, we gave the website a new look and made it mobile friendly, and we successfully kicked off #dearHLS as a Twitter chat for library students and new professionals to gather and talk about education.

In 2017, our work has so far been featured at ALISE and The Collective. Informally, HLS writers and alumni have been mingling and collaborating at nearly a dozen conferences, including ALA Annual, ALA Midwinter, ACRL, SLA, the Allied Media Conference and others. It has been an absolute privilege to support the work of this talented group of writers over the past year. But, like all students, we must graduate eventually and my role at the blog has changed as I myself have graduated and recently began my newest endeavor at Columbia University as their Journalism and Government Information Librarian.

I am so thrilled to introduce next year’s leadership. They embrace the ethos of Hack Library School in both vision and pragmatics. I know they will do an exceptional job carrying out their roles to both our writers and our readers. So, without further ado, here are the new faces of Hack Library School’s leadership team!

Stefanie (Managing Editor)

Stefanie Molinaro is entering the second year of her MLIS studies through Wayne State University’s distance program, with a focus on library services to children. She currently works at two public libraries in the suburbs of Chicago, in the children’s department of both, and is incredibly excited to be representing public libraries and youth services as the new Managing Editor of Hack Library School. Stefanie is interested in the intersections between librarianship and social justice work, and some of her career goals include creating consciousness-raising programming for children and teens, and providing library services to incarcerated youth. When Stefanie is not working or studying, she enjoys volunteering at Liberation Library and hanging out with her cat, Lily. She is looking forward to serving on the leadership team over the next year, and is honored to be following in the footsteps of Kristina and all of her amazing contributions to the blog. Stefanie loves that HLS continually amplifies student voices and will keep working to provide opportunities for students to share their perspectives, experiences, and expertise. She also hopes to continue facilitating collaborations with other blogs, recruit some fantastic writers, and will ultimately strive to cultivate a compassionate community of library school hackers!

Ian (Consulting Editor)

Ian Harmon is an MSLIS student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Graduate Assistant in the Scholarly Commons, the University Library’s digital scholarship center. Prior to entering library school, he earned a PhD in Philosophy at Illinois and taught philosophy at Rice University. Ian is interested in digital humanities and scholarly communication, specifically the ways in which technology impacts research and the dissemination of scholarship. He enjoys teaching, and hopes to work in an academic setting that will allow him to work directly with students and other researchers. Ian is also passionate about the role that libraries serve as central institutions of the public sphere and supporters of the common good.

Melissa (Community Manager)

Melissa DeWitt is an MLIS student at the University of Denver and, currently, she works as a Graduate Assistant in Education and Outreach at Auraria Library and as a Marketing Assistant in athletic programs and events at the University of Denver. In her first year as an MLIS student, Melissa held social media manager positions in two student organizations. She also brings over 3 years of marketing experience and a passion for outreach to the Community Manager position. Melissa will continue HLS’ tradition of collaborating with organizations and creating a welcoming community for graduate students. She hopes to find a career in outreach after graduation, and one day, work in a tiny town in the mountains so that she has equal time for her career and skiing. You can follow her on Twitter @badgersssss.

Photo credit: “Sunrise on Yellowstone Lake (Flat Mountain Arm)“. Yellowstone National Park | NPS Neal Herbert. Flickr.

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