Professional Development for your Earbuds

One of the hazards of library school is a distinct lack of spare time. While I find myself doing plenty of reading for classes, it’s tough to squeeze in extra time for further professional development reading. Enter podcasts!

I have been a podcast connoisseur since the earlier days of podcasts in 2004 listening to downloads as space allowed on my iPad. The explosion of podcasts in recent years (spurred in part by the success of podcasts like “Serial”) has happily led to a wealth of listening options. My problem these days is less about bandwidth and more about curation. Putting my aspiring librarian research skills to work, I took a deep dive into the world of podcasts related to the library profession in search of squeezing in some professional development listening during my commute or getting chores done around the house.

Circulating Ideas was one of the first podcasts I discovered. Public librarian, Steve Thomas consistently brings interesting interviews with librarians from all parts of the sector.

Beyond the Stacks is produced by library school students on a (mostly) monthly basis and features interviews with library professionals doing non-traditional kinds of library work. Don’t miss their episode on kitchen librarianship with Liz Fitzgerald and Suzanna Urminska.

If you are interested in learning more about training, especially as it pertains to libraries, the “T” is for Training podcast is still going strong since 2008, with weekly shows tackling a range of training and learning topics.

For leadership inspiration, look to the Better Library Leaders podcast. Although the show is currently on hiatus, the archives are helpful listening for any aspiring library leader. Sarah’s chat with prison librarian, Jameson Rohrer, is a particularly inspiring listen.

Another DAM Podcast
For more technical conversation that delves into library user design,
Metric: a UX Podcast is a great listen, regardless of whether you are a seasoned UX designer or just learning more about web design for libraries.

Two public librarians and comic book fans dive into all things graphic novels and libraries on In the Library with a Comic Book podcast. Now in their third year, a recent episode includes audio from the Reading Without Walls: Graphic Novels, Literacy, and Diversity workshop.

Some of my favorite episodes on librarianship come from non-library blogs.
Stuff Mom Never Told You Librarians part one and two gives an excellent history of the profession (along with some disturbing details about dear Mr. Dewey). The straight talk from Librarians Talking Libraries on the Dear Book Nerd Podcast gives an important look at the profession you won’t find in library school. Finally, the “How does a Librarian Work?” edition of the Working podcast is a timely look at how librarians are preserving data in post-presidential election state of information suppression and fake news.

Anything I missed? Let us know what helpful library-related podcasts are in your earbuds these days.

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  1. Check out Library Leadership Podcast. Hosted by Adriane Herrick Juarez, Director of the Park City Public Library. She has a new episode almost every week and has covered great topics!


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