Weekly Round-Up!

Each week, we reflect on the top articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits we’ve found interesting or useful. Enjoy!


Librarian Margaret H. Willison (@MrsFridayNext, frequent contributor to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour and one half of the pop culture newsletter @TwoBossyDames, among other pop culture and librarian-related ventures) wrote in Cosmopolitan about the new presidential administration’s proposed cutting of the IMLS budget, with the excellent headline, “What Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand About Libraries.” Her piece is chockfull of links that underscore the many and varied ways libraries of all kinds support communities in the United States, often with the assistance of federal funding from IMLS.  Curious about what kinds of programs IMLS grants fund?  Check out this amazing librarian-created map Willison shared in her piece, showing all the places where grants have made a difference across the country. Hat-tip to my OU-SLIS professor Dr. Martens for sharing this link in her Environmental Scan of the Management course I’m currently taking.


With recent threats of defunding IMLS, NEA, NEH & PBS, it is important to remind ourselves why we want to be librarians in the first place. Like many, I was introduced to public libraries as a child and even though I’m not academically focussed in children’s services, I have a big place for children’s books in my heart. Because of this, I found this article from The New Yorker about children’s book author Mo Willems to be absolutely fascinating. Willems’s commitment to youth literacy and his efforts to place the theme of failure within comedic children’s lit gives me hope for the next generation of readers. Plus, readers young and old will find his books to be super entertaining.

Cover photo from JSMetcalf Photos on Flickr Commons.  Licensed under CC 2.0.

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