Day in the Life: Typical Tuesday

Many of us have written about a typical day in the life of a MLIS student and in an earlier post I described how all my days went in my first semester. While my days vary greatly from each other because of differing work and school schedules, I’m offering what is a typical Tuesday this fall semester.

My alarm goes off at 5:00am. I groan and pull my sleeping cat closer and snuggle with him for a few minutes before dragging myself out of bed. My main motivation at this moment is that the earlier I leave the better traffic will be and the greater my chances will be of finding a good parking spot at work. This is not as trivial as it may seem, I work at a massive governmental complex and if I get there too late I’ll end up adding another 15 minutes to my commute after parking in a satellite lot and taking a shuttle bus in. I shower, dress, and throw on a little make-up. I pack lunch and a sandwich for my dinner, give my cats a few more pets, and I’m out the door about 6:00am. I drive south for about an hour and am at my desk between 6:45am and 7:00am depending on traffic.

I work at my day job as a communications specialist for at least eight hours, eating lunch at my desk. On weekends I usually make a few meals with several servings that I can then eat as leftovers for my lunch during the week. It saves time and money and is healthier than eating out. Another time management trick is to make a large meal (like a casserole) and freeze individual portions for a quick lunch I can grab out of my freezer on my way out the door. I might work for nine hours then leave for my 6:00pm class in Achieving Organizational Excellence. If I need some extra time to complete readings for the class or to do other schoolwork I’ll leave after eight hours and get some study time in before class. After about a half-hour drive further south, I arrive at the University of Maryland College Park campus where I’ll find an outdoor bench (in nice weather) or go to the iSchool student room. I get out my laptop and make the transition from work work to schoolwork. I eat my sandwich for dinner (PB&J or turkey and Swiss) and study and/or get caught up with various social media and email. Depending on when I left work this could be for one hour or two before class.

My Tuesday evening class runs from 6:00pm-8:45pm. It focuses on leadership and management as applied to information based cultural institutions. Just the thing to keep you wide-awake during an evening class.

I leave campus around 9:00pm. Thank goodness it’s not basketball season yet. A Terps home game severely impacts how much time it takes to get in and out of campus. After a long drive back north to Baltimore, (about an hour), I arrive home around 10:00pm with another 75 miles put on my car’s odometer since morning. Then I get to take care of the mundane little house chores that seem to eat up so much time. Feed cats and clean litter boxes, water outside potted plants, empty dishwasher, etc. Finally, even though I know I should go straight to bed for my next early morning, I grab my book (non-school related) and relax for a while, petting a purring lap cat with one hand and holding my Kindle with the other. After what seems like just a minute, I realize it’s getting indecently late and I head upstairs for bed. And set the alarm for the next day.

Featured image used under a Creative Commons license. 


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