Hack Library School wants your input

“What will the information professions be next year if we define it for ourselves today? If we had a voice in the development of curriculum, what would that degree entail? This is our challenge to you; participate or come up with a better idea. How would you hack library school?”

My name is Kristina Williams. This is my first post as the full time managing editor of Hack Library School (HLS). It’s also the first day of my academic year in library school. Milestones are always appropriate moments to reflect on potential goals for the upcoming year. For me, that process is largely defined by what I want for my community, both professionally and personally. I’m a firm believer in the “you get what you give” mentality, even if it doesn’t always provide you with what you expect.

I’ve been serving HLS in the capacity of managing editor for a whopping six days. You, on the other hand, dear reader, with your collective histories as readers, writers, guest contributors, and critics, can teach me a lot more than I can teach you at this particular junction. With this in mind, I invite our reading public to reflect on Hack Library School. Regardless of your relationship to us, if you’re reading this you have something to contribute to the conversation. In collaboration with the HLS writing collective, I’ve devised a user survey for our readers. Hopefully, the survey can provide insight into what our readership wants and values. Ideally, you can provide us with some direction moving forward.

The survey will be open for one week. After it closes, I will work with Nisha Mody, our new consulting editor, and the rest the HLS writing collective to develop some annual goals we can work towards between now and next May.

In case you’re wondering why your voice matters, take a moment to read Micah Vandegrift’s 2010 article that spurred the Hack Library School experiment into action.

Because surveys are just one method for gathering information, if you would like to have a more in-depth conversation about Hack Library School, please email me, Kristina Williams, at hacklibschool@gmail.com.

Please take a few minutes and provide your feedback to Hack Library School.

Thank you for your attention, your insights, and your investment into the profession.

~Kristina Williams, Managing Editor


2016 HLS User Survey: https://uiuc.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cHeEkSQBfvwwsjb

Cover photo from Amy Putkonen on Flickr.  Licensed under Creative Commons.

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