An Update on Some Exciting Changes at HLS!

Things are changing here at HLS! We’re excited to welcome a new Managing Editor and Community Manager this summer. Here’s what our editorial team has to say about the change. 

Brenna (Managing Editor)

Excuse me for a moment while I get a bit nostalgic. I joined HLS in November 2014 as a contributing writer and became managing editor in March 2015. As a student I couldn’t have asked to be part of a better community. I will graduate from my program at the University of Illinois this August and I’m currently throwing myself full force into the job search. While my focus in school was academic librarianship, I’m applying for jobs at academic, public, and special libraries, so who knows where I’ll end up! Though I’m sad to leave, my successor Kristina Williams is a total rockstar and I am confident that she will do great things as managing editor. She has already proven herself a talented writer, accomplished leader, and source of immense knowledge about the field of librarianship. I know I’m leaving the blog in excellent hands and I can’t wait to see what our team will accomplish in the years to come.

Kristina (Managing Editor)

Brenna, thank you for the warm and humbling introduction and hello! I am honored to be taking on the role of managing editor. I started writing for HLS in March 2016 and the months have since flown by. I’m pursuing my MSLIS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and slated to graduate May 2017. I currently work in student affairs for Illinois’ School of Information Sciences (formerly GSLIS) and in the fall, I begin working as an academic reference and instruction librarian. I completed my first graduate degree in Communication and have spent a lot of time over the past year trying to develop a sense of community among LIS students at Illinois. Over the next year, I intend to build upon Brenna’s excellent work and continue collaborating with other blogs, recruit excellent writers and strive to develop a unified voice in the professional community for library students. I’m always looking for new people and projects to support so find me on Twitter @midnorthwest or shoot me an email. Looking forward to the next year!

Dylan (Community Manager)

Like Brenna I’ve spent the past two years with HLS and only the last year as Community Manager. One of the most important aspects of Hack Library School is the community that we’ve helped foster over the past decade where we can show that we’re all in this big ol’ library school game together. I graduated in May, and I start my job as Digital Scholarship Librarian at Utah State University in two weeks and a lot of that success I easily place at the explorations and learning that I’ve done as a member of HLS. As I retire from HLS, I’m passing along the torch to a new group of writers and a new community manager, Carissa Hansen. Carissa is a great writer and an important and positive voice in navigating library school and I think she’ll do a great job encouraging discussion and input from our writers, fans, and friends across the interwebs.

Carissa (Community Manager)

Thanks, Dylan! We’re all super excited for you as you begin your new job in Utah. You have to write a post for HLS about your new adventure! I’m also excited about coming on as the new Community Manager. My hope is that I’m able to generate some buzz about HLS on social media that will help bring in new writers and readers! I learn so much from you all, and I feel so lucky to be part of HLS. It is truly an invaluable resource for people in the information professions. A bit about me – I’m heading into year 2 of my MA in Library and Information Studies in UW-Madison’s distance program and I work full-time as the Archives Assistant at Hennepin County Library Special Collections in Minneapolis. You may remember I did my fair share of complaining about the whole concept of library school specializations in a post last fall, but I can now say that I’ve landed pretty solidly on becoming an archivist! That’s where my passion and skills lie, and I’m lucky to have a number of archivist mentors to look up to who inspire me every day. Please always feel free to reach out to me (@libchans) and/or us (@hacklibschool) on Twitter.

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