Weekly Roundup!

Editor’s Note: Each week, we reflect on the top articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits we’ve found interesting or useful. Enjoy!


Murakami fans will probably have heard about the Japanese newspaper that published a list of books the author read as a young boy. The problem? The newspaper is violating some major privacy rights by publicizing library patron records. If you’ve ever had a patron ask you to check their account to see if they’ve already read a book, you know that libraries absolutely do not keep this information once the material is returned. The Japan Library Association is pretty cheesed off and, in my opinion, they should be.


I’m currently in the middle of writing evaluations for the clerks I supervise at my job. I found this timely article through a tweet about being a good supervisor (and hope I do most of the things mentioned). Also, the #critlib chat from Monday afternoon on privacy education in libraries was SPOT ON.


A big win this past Thursday for school libraries – the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law by President Obama. The legislation replaces No Child Left Behind and includes provisions specifically for school libraries. Now that’s a good way to end the week!


Cover photo from JSMetcalf Photos on Flickr Commons.  Licensed under CC 2.0.

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