The return of Dory: a farewell

It’s hard to believe that after two years of study my library school experience is finally at an end. It’s been a frantic couple of years of juggling all my responsibilities and attempting to remain somewhat sane and healthy (time will tell…)

My final piece of work, my dissertation, was handed in last month. I have another month until I get that result but officially I’m finished. In a way, not a lot has changed for me. I’m still working the same two part time jobs, I’m still trying to work out what I really want to do with my career beyond ‘I like cataloguing and working with people’, and I’m still spending a lot of time trying to get to grips with what I’m supposed to be doing day by day – despite fierce organization and a colour coded calendar things still seem to sneak up on me. Some things are completely different, though!

Two years I ago I sat on my kitchen floor watching my baking in the oven (a habit I picked up from compulsive Great British Bake Off watching) and told my housemate that I didn’t want to be massively involved in the field, I just wanted to go to work, be productive and then go home again. Clearly, that didn’t stick. I saw the call for new writers for HLS and thought I’d try my luck – I’m hugely proud of my posts, and of the discussions and connections I’ve made as a result of writing for this fantastic blog. Planning and researching posts have been rewarding, and picking exactly the right picture for each post has been a lot of fun (it’s the small things). I also put myself out of my comfort zone, chairing a committee and successfully applying for a conference award that I was convinced I’d never get. It’s all really paid off.

I’m currently job hunting, and am fortunate that my current positions are both incredibly supportive of this hunt – I get forwarded job adverts and people are keen to hear about positions I’m thinking of applying for. I’m about to ramp up 23 LIS students, a new blog series intending to cover the vast array of student experience here in the UK. I am most proud of my inclusion in the LISDIS conference in November, where I will be presenting my dissertation research alongside a host of fantastic, engaging and passionate librarians.

I’ve tried to think of some weighty or erudite words of wisdom to end my HLS posts with, but my library school philosophy can really be boiled down to this – just keep on keeping on. Put one foot in front of the other and eventually you’ll come out the other side. Even if your timetable means you only have five minutes here and there to study, fully commit during that time and you’ll get more out of it than you think. Be honest when you’re struggling (the earlier the better) and please remember there is a life outside of library school, outside of libraries even, and it might be an idea to occasionally remind yourself of that.

So it’s goodbye from a surprisingly sunny London, and a massive, massive thank you and good luck to you all. I will leave you (as I have before) with the wisest fish to ever swim the oceans.

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  1. Huge congratulations! I am just at the beginning and your words are extremely motivating! I wish I could be at the LISDIS conference, it sounds fantastic and I hope presenting your dissertation will feel amazing! 🙂


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