Weekly Round-Up!

Editor’s Note: Each week, we reflect on the top articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits we’ve found interesting or useful. Enjoy!


In the latest of really depressing news coming from the budgetless state of Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner announced the closing of the Illinois State Museum and four related sites. Museum employees protected by the union will continue receiving paychecks, but those not in a union will be laid off.

Samantha B.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire at the East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library. The event featured local makers of all sorts: developers, artisans, painters, engineers, even fire artists. I also learned that Maker Faires are hosted all over. I highly recommend attending if one is ever held in your area. With makerspaces becoming more popular in libraries, Maker Faires are a great extension of the trend. You’ll also have the chance to experience up-and-coming technology like the Oculus Rift, which I had the chance to demo, and 3D printers. Plus, it was really fun!


As a part of my job as a library assistant in a public library, I often have to deal with the unpleasantness of wet and moldy books returned to our branch. Now, the Boston Public Library is dealing with their own mold outbreak in their rare books department. All of you future archivists out there, take heed!

Looking for another wonderful library blog to follow? Check out iworkatapubliclibrary.com. Gina Sheridan documents all the crazy and wonderful happenings at her public library, which also exists in book form!

Cover photo from JSMetcalf Photos on Flickr Commons.  Licensed under CC 2.0.

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