Hack Your Summer: Part Three

Welcome to part three of Hack Your Summer! This is our mini series in which Hack Library School writers share with you some of our tips and tricks for having summer fun and preparing for the upcoming academic year. As always, we welcome comments and tweets, so feel free to share your own tried and true methods with the HLS community.

Question 3:

What are you doing to have some summer fun?


Dancing and board games! I started taking ballroom and Latin dance classes again for the first time in several years and I’m so excited to have dance back in my life. I also added a burlesque aerobics class that has been a lot of fun. The coolest business ever opened up in our town this summer – a board game cafe! My husband and I both love board games and purchased memberships to the cafe. So far we have mostly focused on two player games and have enjoyed learning new games each week. We are huge Munchkin fans and finally tried the Deluxe version with a board – highly recommended! We have also been playing a lot of Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (which is far less complicated than the regular version).


It’s been an unseasonably cool summer (at least until the last few days), so I’ve been hiking on local trails, plus running more often than usual. Getting away from a keyboard or screen has been really rewarding. Now that it’s warming up, though, I’m either going to have to start doing these much earlier. Or maybe I’ll just take my newfound energy and focus on fun creative stuff instead, like goofing around making songs with my laptop and guitar.


Knitting, and terrible TV (TLC on a loop for hours. So many bridal shows). Sadly my summer is a bit busier than usual so I’ve got less time to relax – I’ll be taking my proper summer break in September when the dissertation and job hunt are both over! I’m starting this cardigan in the meantime, for a bit of on the go knitting. I’m also trying to watch the West Wing on my evenings off – middle of season 3 so far!


Since I have no classes this summer just work (3 jobs what??) I’ve been reading a ton and listening to a bunch of records. I missed reading… Other than that I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV with friends. I just got my ninja to level 50. None of that means anything to anyone other than me and other dorks. So reading and Final Fantasy. I’m also working on a couple of papers for possible submission in the Fall. #Yep


I felt pretty burnt out at the end of my first year. I’ve been spending time with my family, wild foraging in our neighborhood and visiting the public library and bookmobile. I’m working on a fun, entrepreneurial side project with support from a Detroit tech start-up incubator too. And taking time for reading and TV, which doesn’t happen during the school year.

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