Farewell, HLS!

On May 29th, I successfully defended my dissertation (yay!) and now can make all those around me call me Dr. Skinner (seriously, with that name, how could I not?) Soon after, I accepted my dream job as Rare Books Curator for Kennesaw State University’s Bentley Rare Book Gallery. I get to do the work I love alongside passionate, talented, and fun people, and I get to live in a fun and vibrant city (but work near the mountains). I feel so incredibly grateful and lucky to have the chance to begin this new journey, but it’s bittersweet in some ways, because it means my current journey is drawing to a close.

One of the hardest parts of no longer being a student is saying goodbye to HLS (as a writer/editor at least), and the amazing community of people who have shaped it. There are not words to express how fortunate I feel to have been involved with the blog during my MLS and PhD, or to express how much it has shaped my perspective as a professional and deepened my passion for my work. The people who write for HLS are incredibly inspiring, thoughtful people. All of them encourage me to look at our world in whole new ways, and consistently inspire me to stay passionate and continue exploring the field.

I’ve been with HLS since the beginning, through Micah’s original call for hackers, through our original handful of posts (my first post was published in January of 2011), and Britt’s Big Tent Library School post, which was published on Valentine’s Day and set the tone for the work we were doing. I’ve had the honor of watching the blog evolve as we’ve tried new things and brought in new voices, while staying true to our original mission to bring student voices into focus, and to be a space where we define and discuss our educational experiences collaboratively. Through this time, my role evolved too, from a writer who regularly contributed my voice to the blog, to senior editor, who served as an institutional memory for the blog who provided guidance and feedback (but who didn’t write as many posts).

I’ll always treasure my time at HLS, and all the friendships that have grown out of this experience. I want to thank all of you, fellow hackers and readers, for being so amazing, and giving me one of the best experiences of my life! HLS is a truly special resource, and has brought together some of the greatest people I have ever met. I know I’m leaving it in good hands with Zack and the rest of our team, and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that you’ll do with the blog and with your careers!


My lizard, Eleanor, looking forward to her new life in Atlanta!

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