Some Exciting Introductions

As we gear up for graduation season, that means we’re also gearing up for some turnover here at HLS. This year, that includes two of our senior hackers who are moving on to do lots of exciting things in the library world!

Senior Editor: Introducing Zack Frazier and saying goodbye to Julia Skinner

Julia: I’ve been with HLS since the beginning, so leaving will be a huge transition! I’m going to miss getting to work with some of the best and brightest people, and being a part of a group that offers amazing support and inspiration as we go on our shared journey through graduate school. HLS has kept me excited about our field, and exposed me to new ideas and focus areas I wouldn’t have learned about otherwise! I’ll be getting my PhD this year, so if you feel like being extra fancy you can call me Dr. Skinner when you see me around (or you can just stick to calling me Julia). I still have a little bit left though, so you aren’t done hearing from me on the blog quite yet!
While I’m sad to be leaving, I’m excited to (re)introduce one of our former writers, who just started a PhD program, and who is an incredibly bright and fun person. I want to leave HLS in good hands, and I know with Zack, I’m handing my position over to someone who cares about the blog and will do an amazing job!

Zack: I’m honored to be given the chance to work with HLS again, and humbled to be stepping into the Senior Editor role after Julia. She’s done a fantastic job stewarding the blog since stepping into that position. Julia leaves some big shoes to fill. Hack Library School’s continuity through multiple generations of writers and editors is a testament to Julia’s leadership.
I’m looking forward to working with the writers and editors of HLS. Hack Library School was created with the idea of providing a forum for library school students to share their experiences and help other library school students navigate the path to graduation and beyond. It’s an ambitious project, encouraging you, as a new professional, take control of your education and experience in this exciting and important field. Librarianship is changing, it’s up to us to change it for the better.

Co-Managing Editor: Introducing Brenna Murphy and saying goodbye to Courtney Baron

Courtney: On May 8, 2015 I will have my MLIS! I have been going to school part-time since January 2013 while working a full-time job so it’s hard to believe the end is nearly here. Serving as a Managing Editor for Hack Library School has been an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad to have been part of this wonderful community. Since my main interest is art and visual resources librarianship, and that is a relatively niche part of this field, HLS has been a great way to explore the bigger picture. My post-graduation plans are to stay in my position as Visual Resources Curator at the University of Georgia while enrolling part-time in the MA in Art History. Once I finish that degree, I plan to apply for fine arts librarian positions in my preferred areas of the country. However, my husband is also graduating with a degree this spring and we both have applications out for jobs just in case, so that could change if the right opportunity comes along. I will keep you updated in my final goodbye post. But don’t fret – that’s still a couple months away! So, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Brenna Murphy as my fellow Co-Managing Editor. She started as a new writer last fall and has quickly become an important and necessary part of our team.

Brenna: Thank you so much for the warm welcome Courtney. We all wish you the best of luck in your future studies and career! I’m ecstatic to take on the role of Co-Managing Editor after joining HLS as a writer in November 2014. I’m currently in the second year of my studies through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s LEEP program and I plan to graduate in summer 2016. I’m enrolled in school part-time and I work full-time in circulation at one academic library and part-time in reference at another academic library (let’s just say I like to keep busy!). My concentration is academic reference and instruction. Some of my goals for HLS are to recruit and welcome some talented new writers later this year, involve HLS in the conversation at conferences, and (of course) to continue to ensure that we are providing useful and interesting content to library school students. I’ve found such a great community of truly inspiring and committed bloggers here at HLS and I can’t wait to be part of the future direction of the blog.

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