HLS Weekly Round-up

Editor’s Note: Each week, we reflect on the top articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits we’ve found interesting or useful. Enjoy!


Heading to ACRL in Portland? Exciting news! Brianna Marshall, former Hack Library School Editor, is hosting a HLS meet up! It’s TONIGHT at 5:30 PM at the White Owl Social Club. Check out the Facebook event for more information! (Unfortunately, I won’t be attending, but I hope everyone has a blast!)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is hosting a Digital Humanities + Art Symposium on Friday April, 17. They have a call for posters and – here is the best part – you can submit digital versions of your posters! So if you are like me, and can’t afford to travel to another conference this spring, you can still submit and participate! Submissions are due by Friday, April 3.


Many of you have probably heard about the closing of Sweet Briar College, a women’s college in Virginia. Everyone from students to faculty are rushing to figure out where they will go next fall – including the books. The Library Journal explains what the future looks like for the library’s collection and the building itself.

The Chronicle of Higher Education had a great article about combined online/offline programs this week. With this model, students have the option of attending class either in person or online. If a student were sick, for example, they wouldn’t have to miss their class, but they wouldn’t have to physically go to school. This has some awesome implications for library school.


In keeping with Brenna’s reading on changes to libraries, I’ve been keeping my eye on the funding situation at the State Historical Society of Iowa, where I worked during part of my MLS program (you can see my take on it here).

The ALA President also responded to the proposed elimination of the IMLS this week (which provides funding to libraries, among other things). This is potentially a big blow to our field, so staying informed is important for us as information professionals!


As Courtney mentioned, this week is the biannual meeting of the Association of College and Research Libraries, aka ACRL2015. For those of us who can’t make it, many people are using #acrl2015 as a hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr, and wherever else they like to make with the hashtagging. If you’re considering academic librarianship or generally want to know what library conferences look like, why not spend a few minutes looking through the results?

Related to (but separate from) ACRL2015, a group of librarians interested in critical librarianship put on a one-day preconference called the Critlib Unconference 2015. Their site includes attendees’ notes from the day’s sessions, which is another great way to help both those who can & can’t attend be involved in the discussion. Here’s a link to the #critlib15 posts on Twitter, too.

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