Thanksgiving Week Roundup!

This week, we’re giving thanks for libraries and all things library-related, so instead of the usual list of links, we’re listing what we’re thankful for (sometimes with links!) What are you thankful for in libraryland?


There are so many things about libraries that I’m thankful for! I love how, in order to be successful in this field, you can never stop learning, growing, and examining what you do. Professional development is something we take really seriously in all parts of the field, and I like that I have lots of people to learn with.
I’m thankful that our field feels like a community (as well as how much non-library folks appreciate libraries). I’ve always loved how excited patrons get about the library, and how people in our field light up when you ask them about what they do. This past week, I got the opportunity to feel grateful for FSU’s library, as a refuge and a place that employes some seriously awesome folks.
I have many, many more things I could say, but the last one I’ll list here builds off my first two things I’m thankful for: I’m incredibly thankful for the friends I’ve made in our field. I don’t think I could have picked a better group of folks to work with, and I’m incredibly grateful to be in a field where the people I work with are also some of my closest friends!


I’m thankful for books, words, letters… It’s definitely a part of my heritage; to quote the d’var Torah at synagogue last Shabbat, “for us, the Word is ‘words’.”

I’m thankful for Ranganathan. A little bit of library cheese here from me, but you can’t say that his five laws aren’t brilliant. “Every reader his book.” “Every book its reader.” Does it get any better than this?

I’m thankful for WordPress. WordPress makes having a blog and a web presence so much easier than coding the html and css oneself.


I’m thankful for all the awesome people I meet and get to help everyday. Where else but a library could I meet and provide assistance for the Atlantic Area Historian for the U.S. Coast Guard and a romance author. Every day I meet interesting people with even more interesting reference questions. There’s always something new when working in a library.


I’m thankful to be part of a field with some of the most generous and caring people around. Every step of the way on my path to becoming a librarian, from applying to library school to searching for scholarships to finding volunteer gigs, everyone I have come to for help has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. I have more mentors than I ever imagined I would!


A year ago, I was most thankful for failing a library class. It brought a new perspective in life and taught me how to be resilient in this field. What I’m even more thankful for, is what came after. I’m grateful for my family, colleagues and friends who supported me during this episode. I’m thankful for all the small , yet profound comments that told me to “keep going”. I’m thankful for the professor who flunked me and later would teach me two other courses about information architecture and how to build a digital library from scratch. I’m thankful for my co-workers who’ve reached down to me and have taught me the practicial applications of being a librarian. I’m thankful that all of this hardship and preparation is leading up to the start of an amazing career. I echo Julia’s comments that in this profession you can never stop learning and I add that in addition, we should never stop supporting, advising and teaching those who will come after.


I’m thankful for the serendipitously growing group of people I call mentors, who have supported me, guided me, and pushed me all the way to my first quarter of library school (two more weeks!!).

I’m thankful for the librarians and information professionals who lift up communities in their darkest hours.

And, I’m thankful for the ways libraries and similar institutions challenge us to think differently and act with generosity, especially as the holiday season begins.

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