HLS Weekly Round Up

Editor’s Note: Each week, we reflect on the top articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits we’ve found interesting or useful . Enjoy!


I’m off celebrating Rosh Hashanah (shana tova u’metukah to all!) but just in time on Wednesday, my law school classmate Jeanne Fromer posted a link to her article on An Information Theory of Copyright Law, which I thought might be of interest.


So this isn’t a fun topic for your weekend, but we need to talk about sexual harassment.

Last weekend, I was harassed pretty badly at my gym, and the complaint I filed received… um, less than satisfactory resolution. Essentially, the witnesses decided that the behavior was normal and the manager decided she couldn’t do anything on my allegations alone. I’ve been harassed hundreds of times over the last ~10 years of my life, so I don’t know why I expected better, but this makes it extra-crappy to know that I will never be free of harassment. Even in my professional life.

We’ve discussed code of conduct violations before, but late last week, two librarians, nina de jesus and Lisa Rabey, went public with the details of a $1.25 million lawsuit against them for defamation. These two women publicly alleged that a male librarian was guilty of repeated sexual harassment. And they’re getting sued. Let that sink in a sec. Then go read up on the #teamharpy hashtag – a lot of folks have made great posts that will help you better understand all the complexities of this case.

Then later this week, there was an incident of pretty miserable tone-policing and credential-checking of a (younger, female) archivist by a fellow (older, male) archivist on the SAA’s “professional” Archives & Archivist list-serv, aka #thatdarnlist. The A&A list has had pervasive culture problems that have often fallen along generational, gender, and race lines.

So, students and emerging professionals, this is the professional culture you are graduating into. We need you to do better. We need to change this culture together, because this is not ok. If you experience it? It’s not ok. If you witness it? It’s not ok. Not ever. Here are some resources.

What to Do if You Experience/Witness Harassment (from Hollaback)

Be An Active Bystander (from Virginia Tech)

Bystander Intervention Wiki (for the deep-divers among you)

Know of a great resource? Know of a great initiative to make workplaces and professional spaces safer? Please add more in the comments!

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  1. The “complexities” of lying to harm an innocent man. And you don’t care you supported it. You are an harasser and frivolous defamation supporter.


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