HLS Weekly Roundup

Editor’s Note: This new series features a weekly round-up of interesting articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits related to the world of library school. Enjoy!


WITNESS, an organization that trains and supports activists using video, received an award last week from the Society of American Archivists for their publication Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video. I heard a presentation by WITNESS archivist Yvonne Ng at the last MARAC meeting about the guide, and it’s one that has stuck with me, so I was delighted to see that Ng hosted an Ask Me Anything this week. You can go back and read the questions and answers here.

Since mobile phones are increasingly important for record creation and information transmission, especially in times of crisis (the work that WITNESS addresses, for one example; Antonio French’s coverage of #Ferguson, for another), librarians and archivists should think long and hard about the implications of a California bill that would allow police to kill phones in a crisis area.

The Folger Library recently released a number of its images under a Creative Commons license, setting off an excellent Twitter conversation about whether the Library actually holds copyright for the images in the first place.

There have been a lot of gems at SAA so far, including a panel on archival education (featuring our own Sam Winn!) that I’ll be recapping for the SNAP blog. But by far the best is Gloria Gonzalez’s Top Ten List of things she doesn’t let stand in the way of getting things done. Gloria is an emerging digital archivist, but her advice and top-notch attitude can be applied to any specialization and any stage in your education or career.


An Illinois library (yay, home state!) received an ALA grant to continue and expand its awesome ESL and immigrant outreach efforts. With everything from ESL iPods for home study to INS “immigration kit” programs, the Eisenhower Public Library District is serving its diverse population in some pretty interesting ways. Check them out!


I’ve been following the Library Politics Rodeo posts from EveryLibrary. This week’s has some good information about what library-related items are coming up on ballots around the country, and they’re always a great resource for keeping up-to-date about library advocacy in your area and around the country.

I’m also preparing for academic conference season to ramp up. This year I’m heading to Daegu, Republic of Korea for Internet Research 15. If you’re going to be there too, let’s go explore together!

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