#HLSDITL, Round 2

We would like to invite all library students to participate in round two of Library Student Day in the Life from October 28 – November 1. Our first round in March 2013 was a smashing success with seventy students participating!

We hope this project, which will revolve around a community of students sharing each day’s experiences for a week, will help prospective students learn what library school is actually like and connect current LIS/IT students with those in other programs. This is a great way to discuss what you’re learning, where you’re working, and all the details that make up your unique library school experience.

Want to participate?

  1. You must be currently enrolled in an LIS program.
  2. You must be willing to document your day or week through a blog, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube Channel, or other web-based means.
  3. You must sign up on our wiki so we can follow your week, too.
  4. That’s it! More than anything, we want this to be FUN.

We hope you’ll consider participating! Head to the wiki now to sign up. Send any questions or feedback to hacklibschool@gmail.com.

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  1. Just forwarded to my Alternative LIS Careers class at the University of Denver, encouraging them to participate – what a cool idea!



    Kim Dority

    Dority & Associates

    kimdority@gkdority.com; Linkedin.com/in/kimdority

    Content as a Strategic Asset


    • Hi Chelsea! Great question. In the past, we’ve had people do both: some have written about just one day, while others have chronicled their entire week. It’s really up to you! Either way, feel free to participate.


  2. Wish I could participate, but I just graduated! Have you thought of doing one of these for young professionals in the field as well? Might give your student readers perspective into the different directions that the degree takes you after graduation!


    • Hey Jackie! Bobbi Newman used to organize a LDITL project that included anyone in the library field but she no longer organizes it. It probably isn’t within our scope to open HLSDITL up to young professionals right now, but I agree that it would be great so you never know 🙂


      • Brianna, thank you for your response! I understand that including young professionals isn’t within in your scope right now. Just thought I would mention it! Can’t wait to see all of the students’ DITL posts!


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