Mapping Hack Library School

Dear Hack Library School Readers,

We would like to visualize where HLS readers are in the world. To that end, we’ve created an open Google Map for collaborative pinning. Please add yourself to the map so that we can see where people live! You will need to be logged in to a Google account in order to pin yourself to the map. If you would prefer not to use your account, please use the dummy account we have created for this map (username: mappinghls, password: hacklibschool).

This map may also help us choose some other locations for HLS meetups like our summer DC meetups (check out the June meetups if you are in the area!). We hope it will also be useful for connecting you all with other library school students nearby.

Click on the link below the map to edit it. Step-by-step instructions and a video that walks through the steps are also available below.


Step-by-step instructions (video at the end of post):

Option 1: Pin yourself to the map by browsing for your location.

1. Go to the HLS Google Map page.


2. Browse the map (click, drag, scroll wheel) to find the place you would like to pin.

3. Once your location is on the screen, click the red EDIT button on the left (see purple arrow). Note that the EDIT button will not be available if you are not logged in to a Google account. There is a login button available in the top right corner of the screen if you need to log in from the map page.


4. Then click on the pin button located (see purple arrow). Move your cursor to the location you want to pin and click on that spot.


5. Fill in your information in the pop up window and click OK.


6. Make sure to click the DONE button to the left!


Option 2: Search for your location to add yourself to the map.
(This option is easier for finding your location but requires more clicking.)

1. Go to the HLS Google Map page. Notice the left menu for the HLS map.


2. Use the search bar to find the location you want to pin.


3. Click on the flagged location.

4. In the pop up window, click on Save to map.


5. The drop down menu that appears should include the Hack Library School map. Select it and click Save.


6. If a yellow notice pops up, click on the link to go to the Hack Library School map. If no such notice appears, go back a couple of pages in your browser to the Hack Library School map. You may need to refresh the page for the newly pinned locations to show up.

7. You should see the left menu for the HLS map again. Click on the red EDIT button.


8. You should see your pinned location listed in the left menu underneath the map description. Click on the name.


9. A pop up window should open next to the pinned location.

10. Edit the information and click Save.


11. Click the Done button.


You can also view a video walk through of how to pin yourself to the map. You may need to turn the volume up. I recorded the video late at night and didn’t want to wake up my partner, so I was speaking quietly.

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