Hack Library School @ ALA ’13!

#HLSConvo '12 (Credit: Steve Teeri)

#HLSConvo ’12 (Credit: Steve Teeri)

Hello, Everybody! Guess what? HLS is super-excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to lead another Conversation Starter at ALA annual! Last year, our #HLSConvo in Anaheim drew a roomful of passionate, engaged librarians and library students together to share information across the pre- and post-graduation lines. This year, we’re focusing on skills: Transferrable skills that will help us as we get our first jobs and throughout our careers.

Conversation Starters are one hour long, and are designed to spark questions and get people talking long after the hour concludes. This year, here’s what we’ll be focusing on:

LIS education is preparing us, or claiming to prepare us, for many, many things beyond “working in a library”–how do we turn those skills into useful talents as we enter our chosen profession? This conversation starter hopes to bring together students and professionals to get them talking in a moderated forum about such questions as:

  • HackLibrarySchool is all about self-determination, “hacking” our programs and approaches to make the degree be exactly what we want it to be. How can we apply the same attitude to our work (especially if we aren’t in positions that support shaking things up)?
  • Is there a “gap” between perceptions of LIS recent graduates and veterans of the profession?
  • How can we bridge it?
  • What concrete actions can we take to make it easier on everyone when new graduates join established institutions?

We’ll be talking on Sunday, June 30th, at 1:30 pm, but there’s no harm in getting the conversation started early! If you’d like to weigh in, let us know in the comments, or on Twitter with the #HLSConvo hashtag. Be on the lookout for our annual Hack ALA series, too! June will be here before we know it.

Hope to see you all in Chicago!

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