Hack the Open Thread: Friday Edition

As those of us at Maryland’s iSchool wrap up our Spring Break, I’ve been reminiscing a bit about the school year so far, and trying to figure out my favorite moments. You know, those things about studying this profession you cling to when you need to remember that this journey will all be worth it in the end?

For me, it was producing the Zombie Reference blog with some of my classmates as part of a project for our reference class. It was a great reminder that we are in fact all in this together, and that group work can actually be fun.

How about you? What’s been your favorite moment of the year so far? Let us know in the comments!

Categories: Behind the Scenes

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  1. I, too, provided Zombie Reference! Definitely a highlight, although mine was on-site at the Raleigh Living Dead Festival. Another awesome moment: teaching local Seniors how to use Microsoft Office instead of pen-and-paper.


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