Library Student Day in the Life

We would like to invite all library students to participate in a new project organized by Hack Library School called Library Student Day in the Life.

We hope this project, which will revolve around a community of students sharing each day’s experiences for a week, will help prospective students learn what library school is actually like and connect current LIS/IT students with those in other programs. This is a great way to discuss what you’re learning, where you’re working, and all the details that make up your unique library school experience.

For some of you, this name and concept may sound strikingly familiar, and there’s a good reason! We’ve taken inspiration from the Library Day in the Life project begun by Bobbi Newman, which ran from 2008-2012. This January, she wrote a post about her decision to stop organizing the project. After hearing this news, those of us at Hack Library School thought it would be a good opportunity to organize a spin-off project specifically for library students.

Round one of #HLSDITL will take place from March 4-8, 2013. This is a test run, so if it’s successful we’ll continue to organize it in the future.

Want to participate?

  1. You must be currently enrolled in an LIS program.
  2. You must be willing to document your day or week through a blog, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube Channel, or other web-based means.
  3. You must sign up on our wiki so we can follow your week, too.
  4. That’s it! More than anything, we want this to be FUN.

We hope you’ll consider participating! Head to the wiki now to sign up. Any questions or feedback can be directed to Brianna at

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  1. Reblogged this on Sarah Kennedy and commented:
    As part of my PLN I’ll be taking part in Hack Library School’s “Library Student Day in the Life.” Basically, I’ll be talking about my week (4th – 8th March) as a library student and my work as a Research Assistant and I’ll be reflecting on the events I am attending this weekend. Follow the #HLSDITL and read the blog posts entitled Day in the Life under the PLN heading on my blog. Learn more about it on the Hack Library School WordPress blog or @hacklibschool


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