Hack Library School/Hiring Librarians Career Center Interview Series

At Hack Library School, one of the most exciting things we get to do is collaborate with other individuals and groups within the library community. We are lucky to be starting off 2013 with some great collaborations, the first of which is with Hiring Librarians creator Emily Weak. We partnered with Emily to develop an interview series focusing on the career services offered by LIS programs across the US. The series debuted last week on Hiring Librarians with an interview with the Indiana University-Bloomington School of Library and Information Science; the second post about the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences went live today. While some of the interviews will be completed by the Hack Library School writers, the majority are completed by representatives of the LIS program in question.  We wanted to give the programs a chance to discuss their services and philosophies in their own words, and often what they have to say and how they say it is quite telling.

Our hope is that these interviews will:

  1. Provide more information for current students (and alumni) about how they can best take advantage of their school’s career resources.
  2. Help people who are thinking about going to library school focus on their post-graduation employability, and how their choice of school might affect that
  3. Encourage library schools to provide high-quality career resources for graduates and alumni. Allow schools to share information about their strategies for providing career guidance.
  4. Engage library students in career-focused dialogue with their schools.

These interviews will be posted each Tuesday on Hiring Librarians, so make sure you visit frequently!

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