Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Hack Library School! Here’s a quick run down of resources to celebrate Halloween librarian-style.

Halloween themed books for children and young adults-

Or All-Hallows Read, a way to make Halloween a holiday about sharing books — Check out their FAQs for a good chuckle.

And finally, whether you love it or are horrified by it you can purchase a sexy librarian costume complete with book skirt (because obviously every librarian owns one of those…) at many Halloween stores and websites

On a more serious note, be sure to keep an eye on American Libraries Magazine for ways to help libraries affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

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  1. Thanks for putting up the link to All Hallow’s Read! We actually did it this year with our daughter. She’s only 15 months old so she didn’t really get it, but it was fun and she really cleaned up book-wise. Plus, Neil Gaiman’s trailer is just good clean fun.


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