TTYL! K.I.T! (goodbye)

During my last semester of library school, I always tried to keep the finish line in mind and my motivation going. I told myself that once I finished, I’d have all the free time in the world to finally watch Doctor Who and finally learn to cross-stitch. Turns out I was dead wrong. While I was scrambling to finish my final projects, keep my eye out for jobs, and trying to just live my life, I was also subconsciously prepping myself to remain active once I finished. I volunteered for committees, kept an eye out for other professional development activities, internetted for hours on end, went on interviews for jobs, etc. Well, now I’m just as busy as I was in graduate school. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some pretty gifted, go-get-em types of library school students and I just want to warn you guys, it doesn’t really stop if you plan on staying active in the field. For some types of jobs out there, having a high level of professional activity is just expected, so if you feel like pulling your hair out from stress– just get used to it. In the end though, I think it’s worth it, I’m in this field and I do this work because I find it intrinsically rewarding (but again, making yourself crazy busy isn’t for everyone, work/life balance is achievable).

This is my roundabout way of saying goodbye to HackLibSchool. I’m really terrible at good-byes. I’m the type of person who would rather sneak out away from the goodbye party without actually saying it.

Because it’s hard!

I’ve seen some amazing things happen with this blog, from a Google Doc with lots of students typing ideas in it, to a full grown community of writers, students, hackers, and radical librarians. I feel so fortunate that Micah asked me to be a part of this and that he trusted me and Rose to be editors once he stepped away. My very first post on here was about developing an online presence and I can’t believe how much the blog has grown since then. In the next couple of months things will be changing on the blog as we bring on new writers and change leadership. I am very happy to announce that Brianna Marshall and Topher Lawton will be the new managing editors, along with Rose. I’m excited to see where things will go under their charge.

I’m starting to get sentimental here, but I’ve appreciated the sense of community that I’ve gotten from working with HLS. I’ve gotten to know some really great people. You guys are all my friends for life. 4 LYFE!


As we all move on in our careers, I’m positive that we will continue to cross paths and work together on other projects. Keep in touch, I’m on twitter and my email is my name at gmail. So don’t be a stranger! See you all around the internet and at future conferences.

Goodbye Graphic #8

Bye bye!

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  1. HLS will miss your leadership and your love for cats, Annie! Well, I guess there’s still a lot of love for cats here. Enjoy filling your newly found free time with other awesome things!


  2. You’ve been a great contributor, leader and friend Annie. I’m super proud of all you’ve done as a student, and profesh blogger, and look forward to what you’ll continue to do in the future. And you’re right… the stress doesn’t end if you plan on staying awesome! Which you are!

    As I am wont to say, go forth!


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