Moving Forward

Me and a couple of bosses.

About a year ago, I started spying on the HackLibSchool project. Anonymously peeking at the original Google doc, figuring out how to use Twitter so I could see what the big deal was, reading other students blogs. I had no clue what I was doing online then, I was just fumbling along, trying to figure out how to be an internet person. I’ve learned so much in the course of a year and it’s all because of this blog. I never thought of myself as a blogger, but I was kicking around so many ideas in my head that I thought I could try. I knew that I wanted to write a guest post for Hack Library School, so I wrote about developing an online brand because that’s what I was attempting to do. When Micah asked me to join HLS as a writer, I was shocked and excited. Getting involved in this project has meant so much to me as a student and a burgeoning librarian. I’ve met and collaborated with an awesome group of people with whom I can brainstorm with. We’ve really built a diverse network that extends beyond our time in school.

Continuing this blog without the OG Hacker is quite the task. Micah’s role as founder and leader of this group is monumental and it is my hope that we can continue the tradition of excellence. We’ve brought on an active and engaged team of writers who are ready to hit the ground running.

This cat is hacking this post right now.

I only expect HLS to expand and grow even more. With this great crew, we’ll be bringing more ideas to the table and continuing to hack our library school experiences. I’m also excited to say that I submitted our first official ALA Conversation Starter Proposal for Annual this year a couple days ago. Let’s hope that it’s accepted and we can meet some folks at ALA this summer. My hope is for students and professionals to be active, be aware, and engage with us, virtually and in person.

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