A Thank You Letter

*Update — Nicole has been a leading force behind this blog since it was a wee GDoc. We all look forward to your future in the profession, Nicole, and thank you for all the wonderful, though-provoking pieces you wrote for us [<— Click to read them all!]. LibHackers never say die.  

Your friends, The Hack Library School Editors* 

Dear Hack Library School,

If you can believe it, about a year ago I was actually considering not completing my MLIS degree.  I had had a kind of rough second semester and was unsure if the profession and the degree were really right for me.  However, due to my stubbornness and financial commitment, I decided to see it through and make sure that I did everything I could to get the most out of my second and final year. Then in the Fall of 2010, I read Micah’s post about his idea for Hack Library School.  And I knew this was someone and something that I wanted to know more about.  Through the magic of Twitter, I soon got in touch with Micah and the rest of the original HLS crew (Britt, Julia, Lauren, and Heidi) and by the beginning of 2011, this idea of Micah’s was really getting off the ground.

As excited as I was to be a part of this incredible project, I was crazy nervous as well.  I’ve always felt like I was more of a numbers gal vs a writer and the idea that people may actually read what I wrote made me pretty anxious.  Until I started graduate school, I had really avoided any type of writing beyond emails and client reports in my previous job.  And even after a year back in school, I was still completely shy about my writing.  But I was willing to give this blog thing a shot, especially because I had found blogging to be a great way to informally write about my transition of going back to school.

And wow, am I ever glad that I took that leap of faith.  The wonderful feedback and comments I’ve received on my posts have had such a positive impact on my writing and my commitment to the profession.  Being a part of this project and working with all of these wonderful people (the original crew plus the amazing folk that have joined since – Annie, Zack, Rebecca, Turner) is what got me through the rest of my program.  It is what continued, and continues, to keep me excited about librarianship.  And it is what keeps me engaged and informed and learning about ALL different aspects of library school and librarianship.  Big Tent!!  I truly believe that current and future library school students have what it takes to “hack” the program and even the profession.

The last couple months have been ones of transition again for me.  I’ve been in a full-time librarian role since September 2010 and have really enjoyed the work.  But I am still striving to figure out what is the role I’m really looking for and what kind of work I really want to be doing.  And as my memories of library school are already fading into the distance, I am not going to be writing on a regular basis for Hack Library School anymore.  I am, though, very excited to continue to stay on in some aspect as a Community Manager of sorts for the blog and to connect with both students and info professionals through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and beyond.

So thank you for letting me be a part of this.

Yours truly



8 replies

  1. Nicole! I have always been a fan of your posts, they’ve generated some really great conversations here on the blog. I’m really glad that we’ve been able to work together and I’m happy that you’ll still be involved with HLS as the community manager! We’ll miss you!!


  2. Nicole, I have subscribed to HLS for a while now, and I get a lot of good ideas and inspiration out of it. I had a similar experience in library school in my second semester, but I got through it. I have been a full-time librarian since Nov. of 2009. I like what I do, but will always be pursing better opportunities, particularly to be around other librarians, as I am a solo librarian. I feel there still is a bright future for the profession; the more gadgets and information, the more people will truly need our help and instruction on access and good scholarship – something that all areas of education need in the future!

    I hope to follow this blog for a long time because there are so many interesting things that are discussed here.

    best to you!


  3. Nicole, I plan to thank you publicly in as many venues and methods as I can, and probably won’t ever stop thanking you. Your input, dedication and excitement for this project has been a constant encouragement. Thank you for offering your brain power and creative energy to this, and know that you are always a part of the team. We’re all excited to see where you end up, and personally I can’t wait to buy you a nice, cold microbrew when we finally meet in person. It’s been my pleasure working with you in this, our service to the profession. Go forth. (Can we finally make that the official motto of HLS? COMON!)


  4. Finally got to read this post — not going to lie, I teared up a little. You’re amazing, Nicole, and you are such an inspiration to work with! Wherever you end up in this profession, you’re going to own it.


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