Library Day in the Life: Get Ready for Round 7!

Library Day in the Life, a project coordinated by Bobbi Newman (of Librarian by Day), is gearing up for Round 7!

Who: Librarians and informational professionals of all stripes

What: Share a day (or week) of their work

When: July 25th through July 31

Where: Blogs, photos, videos, Twitter

Why: Well, why not?  This is an excellent opportunity to take a peek into the realities of librarianship.  If you’re a library student unsure about a specialty, this is a great tool to explore some of the fields you are thinking about.  Already know what you want to specialize in?  See what a typical day in your profession will look like.  Even better, this can connect you to someone who works in your field and is open to sharing and communicating about their experience.  Taking a peek at the responsibilities of people outside of your specialization is also a great way to have a broader perspective on the information ecosystem (and contribute to Big Tent Librarianship/Library School!).  For a library student’s take on Library Day in the Life, check out this post from editor Lauren Dodd.

How to participate: As one of my patrons likes to say, easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!  If you want to add your voice, just head on over here, and follow the directions to sign up and add your blog, Tumblr, or Twitter account to the roster.  While you’re there, check out the archives of past Library Day in the Life events, and start exploring early.  Follow along the day of by searching the tag librarydayinthelife, or on Twitter using #libday7.  You can also see what’s going on here and here.

I’m excited by the range of librarians already signed up, and I’m going to be following closely an outreach librarian, which is one of the new public library careers I’m most interested in, and two public library directors.  Now that I’ve got my foot in the library door, it’s time to plan for my long-term goal!

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