HackLibSchool: First Class

Where are they now?

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Micah Vandegrift is working as a part-time Project Manager on a Scholarly Communications Task Force at his alma mater, Florida State University. Micah is researching and writing a report on issues surrounding open access publishing, copyright concerns, and will be instrumental in implementing a Institutional Repository at FSU. He plans to continue his education by teaching himself some programming languages this summer (thanks Lifehacker!), and actually start reading books… for fun. Micah also volunteers his computer knowledge at Leon County Public Libraries. He often wears tank tops and flip flops these days.

Heidi Kittleson is working as the library director of Muir Library in Winnebago, Minnesota. She’s busy launching summer reading programs for children, teens and adults at the moment, but when September rolls around, she’ll be weeding the collection in preparation for an expansion of the library. Heidi is also excited to teach classes about a new service offered by the library – ebooks!!!! Heidi plans to continue her education through attending seminars and conferences virtually and in the region. She’s still training to become a bike-bookmobile-librarian…

Nicole Fonsh is continuing her work as a Research Analyst at a global investment firm. ¬†Now that she is able to focus more fully at work, she is hoping to become more involved with preparing and developing industry overview training for new and existing employees at the firm. ¬†She hopes to become more involved with the local chapter of the Special Libraries Association and is also working with her director to put together a possible presentation for SLA 2012 and/or a continuing education course on research skills and beyond. ¬†She will also be spending the summer training and fundraising for the NYC Marathon….

Julia Skinner graduated from the University of Iowa in mid-May, and is scrambling to move all of her worldly possessions (and cats…) to Florida to begin the PhD program at Florida State University. She’s looking forward to continuing her research on library history and expand her work in some new directions, possibly to include student OA publications, LIS education, and the relevance of history research to those of us living in the present. She’ll also be teaching a class at FSU, which she’s very excited about. Most of all, she’s excited to meet all her new friends in Tallahassee after connecting with a number of current students on Twitter and Facebook.

Rebecca Halpern is new to Hack Library School and is attending the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin.  She works part-time as an intern for the Connected Youth program at the Austin Public Library writing and implementing programs to introduce at-risk teenagers to technology.  While in school, she focuses on all thing public libraries: reference, instruction, collection development and marketing.  She is particularly interested in the future of libraries as both physical and digital spaces.  She reads her fair share of YA literature, is an emerging bicycle commuter, and spoils her basset hound.

Zachary Frazier is entering his second year at the School of Library and Information Science at the Univeresity of South Carolina. He works at the Thomas Cooper Library, and is spending his summer looking for more work, working on a bibliography of translated Science Fiction, and reading… there may also be video games in there somewhere as well.

Britt Foster will put on her funny hat, hood, and robe in a week and day and graduate with her MLIS from UCLA. ¬†She is honored to have been elected the commencement speaker for her class, and plans to work in a call to Big Tent Librarianship somewhere in her speech. ¬†Britt is also busy seeking a job as a public librarian in California, and plans to remain active in the LIS community while searching for a position by continuing her involvement in the California Library Association, and stepping up her participation in ALA. ¬†She is also looking forward to tackling the stack of books that have been growing next to her couch, including all of the titles in the The New York Review Children’s Collection, and having time to return to her personal blog.

Lauren Dodd graduated from the University of Alabama SLIS program in May. She continues to work at her paid SCEP internship with Fairchild Research Information Center, and as a weekend Virtual Reference Librarian at Troy University. Lauren is actively seeking full-time professional employment as a reference librarian in an academic or special library (or a hybrid of both), located anywhere in the world (she’s adventurous and flexible!). She hopes to continue her professional growth by becoming active in ALA and SLA round table/division committees, thinking critically about issues in LIS (continuing to publish on her blog, HLS, and in scholarly journals), and volunteering as opportunities arise to gain new skills. Lauren is also excited to meet many awesome librarians and HLS readers at ALA 2011!

Annie Pho is starting her second year at SLIS at Indiana University-Indianapolis. She works on the Digital Library Team at IUPUI and currently taking a metadata class in Bloomington. This summer she will continue to work and volunteer at the Indiana State Library¬†. She will hopefully find the time to redesign her student group’s website, relax, read for FUN, go to some shows and is looking forward to going to ALA in New Orleans!

Turner Masland is in his second year with Emporia State University’s School of Library and Information Management (Portland Cohort) He works in Access Services at the Oregon Health & Science University Library where he helps out in Circulation and Interlibrary Loan, as well as working on a couple of digital collection projects. He is excited about the possibilities that are going to be open after completing his degree in December. While he has loved living in Portland, he’s ready for another adventure: pursuing that perfect job wherever it might be.

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