Opportunity: Collaboration with Colleagues – Drexel iSchool blog

Lindsay Cummings – @lindsaysc shared this with us last week. Add it to your to-read list. There really is nothing better than collaboration with your colleagues – and this is a great example of it. -Heidi

I wanted to let you and the rest of the HLS team know about a blog run by Drexel iSchool’s Student Chapter of ALA (SCALA).  As a previous officer, I started this blog and the new officers have taken off running with new ideas for it.  We have started a new guest blogging series that will features posts from new librarians and current students on a range of topics about starting out in the library field.  Here’s our first guest blogger post by Kiyomi Deards.

Drexel SCALA’s on Twitter, too – @DrexelSCALA And if you’d like a (still) growing list of other ALA Student organization twitter accounts – here’s a list I started making. Let me know if your school isn’t up there yet! If you have the opportunity to collaborate with others, it’s worth the effort!

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