Best of Semester One


Since we are all still students, or very VERY early career LIS pros, this time of year is especially full of things to do. That said, you’ll see new content slow down here, for at least the next week or two. We’ll be planning the summer semester’s worth of writing, recruiting new Editors/contributors, and generally resting after an amazing kick-off semester this Spring.

To keep you busy we’ve compiled some reading lists you can return to over the next few weeks and get caught up on. Think of it as HackLibSchool 101.

Our Top 10 Posts (by hits):

Top Post per Editor:

Best Comment Conversations:

Catch Up on Our Series’:

Experiencing LIS – Posts about getting experience and/or what the experience of Library School is like.

LIS Blogs to Follow – Self explanatory.

To-Read Tuesday – Our (and your) picks for things to read, that we’re reading, or would like to read someday!

Declassified – Comparing curriculum and courses between two schools

TMI – (Two Minute Insights). Shortcasts where we post one question to a leader in the field and they have two minutes to respond.

Most Tweeted Article:

You’re Invited to #libchat

Weirdest Search Terms That Led Someone to Our Blog:

  • “Fun things to mod or hack”
  • “how to hack in to a university library computer”
  • “katie long island library science masters -crook”
  • “middle aged white man needs to change careers”
  • “everything was better back when everything was worse cartoon”
  • “hack librayr school”
  • “what is a library”

Recommended by Your Humble Editors:



Barbakoff, Audrey , and Ferrari, Ahniwa (March 25th, 2011) – Filter This!






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