Thanks for listening in this week. We had some good shortcasts that we hope you were able to access. It turns out that maybe a blog isn’t the best way to share this type of media, so we’ll be rethinking how/where the TMI series will go from here on out. At very least, we hope to post a short conversation with the editors at least once a month, as much for the purpose of us getting better and speaking our ideas as sharing them with you all.

Stay tuned for some more upcoming adaptations to HackLibSchool, all good of course.


Micah V. and the HLS Teamsters

Hot tip:

Previewing next week – our Declassified series where we take a similar class at two different schools and review it – pros/cons, skills learned, overlap in content, teaching methods, textbooks, etc. Are we really all learning the same general things? What does ALA accreditation really mean for the course content? We shall see!

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