[Series] TMI #5 – Dr. Ethan Watrall on the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool

For this episode of HackLibSchool TMI (Two Minute Insight) I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Ethan Watrall from Michigan State University. Dr. Watrall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Associate Director of Matrix:The Center for Humane Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University.  In addition, he is Coordinator of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative and co-director of the Scholarly Creativity research cluster of the Michigan State University Creativity Initiative.

CLICK HERE –>  More info about the fieldschool.


Dr. Watrall and I chatted for several minutes over the 2 minute limit, so what you’ll hear here is a trimmed down version of our interview. [If you’d like to hear the whole interview email me].

The CHI Fieldschool is, in my opinion, one of the coolest new initiatives that students interested in cultural heritage can take advantage of to get hands on experience “building as a way of knowing,” a popular mantra in Digital Humanities circles. If you or your classmates have any interest in cultural heritage, tech-based projects with humanities roots, or just want to be part of the inaugural class of a great new project, I highly encourage you to apply.

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  1. This is awesome! I know a handful (maybe two handfuls) of people in my program who are going to LOVE this when I share it with them.

    I think it is great that such a wide variety of people can be pulled together to focus and learn from each other for 5 weeks.


  2. As a ex-archaeology lab rat and current LIS student, this sounds like a fabulous (and very much needed) program. I’m not able to apply, but I look forward to seeing the work that’s produced!


    • Thanks much! One of the greatest challenges (so far) has been convincing people that even though I’m calling this a “fieldschool” (and modeling it on an archaeological fieldschool), it isn’t just for archaeologists. The model is just a really useful one for what I’m trying to do.


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