[Series] LIS Blogs to Follow

Here’s our first list of Recommended Reads. We’ve got a combination of Library-related blogs and current LIS student bloggers. If you have another lib-blog you can’t live without or if you’re keeping a blog about school, let us know! This’ll be updated frequently, so check LIS Blogs to Follow!

Lib-Bloggers (according to PostRank)

  1. Will Unwound
  2. Agnostic, Maybe
  3. David Lee King
  4. Resource Shelf
  5. Swiss Army Librarian
  6. PC Sweeney’s Blog
  7. Go to Hellman
  8. Librarian by Day
  9. Annoyed Librarian
  10. Librarian.net
  11. iLibrarian
  12. Library Stuff
  13. In the Library with a Lead Pipe
  14. Tame the Web
  15. The Daring Librarian

**Honorable Mentions**

  1. Library Scenester
  2. Stephen’s Lighthouse

LIS-Bloggers (no particular order)

  1. The Melody Party
  2. Half Deserted Streets
  3. Librarian Catalyst
  4. Geekandahalf.org
  5. Library Mafia
  6. Cat Lady Librarian in Training
  7. Anthroarchivist
  8. Misbehaving in the Stacks


  1. The Infornado
  2. Lauren in Libraryland
  3. Julia’s Library Research Blog
  4. Living the Dream
  5. Library Moth
  6. I found myself in the library…

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