Punk-Ass Book Jockeys or Shushy-Spinsters? Librarian Stereotypes and LIS education.
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Punk-Ass Book Jockeys or Shushy-Spinsters? Librarian Stereotypes and LIS education.

Pagowsky, Nicole, and Miriam E. Rigby, eds. The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Perceptions and Presentations of Information Work. Association of College and Research Libraries, A division of the American Library Association, 2014. Paperback, $60.00.  When I started Library School I could be often heard making the same semi-joke to all who asked about the decision. They’d … Continue reading

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HLS Weekly Roundup

Editor’s Note: This new series features a weekly round-up of interesting articles, blog posts, tweets, news, thoughts, and other tidbits related to the world of library school. Enjoy! Anna-Sophia There was a really epic Twitter conversation (and a number of side conversations and comments) on Wednesday about the character of LIS literature. The thread stemmed from … Continue reading

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Hackers Enjoy the Little Things

Why so serious? For aspiring librarians, attitude is all-important. Many of us eat up our days doing internships and day jobs, writing papers, presenting at conferences, and networking our hearts out on Twitter. This kind of workload makes us run the risk of stress, frustration, disillusionment—even burnout, especially if we work in high-pressure public service … Continue reading

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Ever Heard of a Librarian Who Doesn’t Read? – OR – What I’ve Learned in Library School So Far.

{This is one of the first posts I wrote about my experiences in Library School, and it spawned a great series of guest posts over at my blog. This was kind of the impetus that began the hacklibschool seedling in my mind. Enjoy!} I know. This is like the worst confession of all time. In … Continue reading